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From the book: The Mommy Grats: Boy Toy 2, here is a story about secrets, three femmes and a babyboy.

Warning: This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story.


Just a Taste of It

“Olivia, what is this big surprise you made us wait until tonight to see?” Rachel asked, making Olivia sit between her and Gretchen on the living room sofa. “You are not getting up until you tell us.”

“Which, by the way, I think it was really cruel of you to text us on Monday morning that you had something you were just dying for us to see. Then you made us wait until Friday night to see it! Who does that?” Gretchen added with a laugh.

“I know I made you wait and I’m really sorry, but if you knew how long I had been keeping this secret from you, you’d probably think that a week was nothing to wait,” Olivia said, sitting forward to pour Gretchen and Rachel two glasses of Pinot Grigio. “But I needed you to see this big surprise and that wouldn’t be possible until tonight.”

Rachel and Olivia used to be roommates back in college. It seemed like a decade had passed between college and today. But it had only been two years. And what a busy two years it had been for both of them. Six month after they graduated, Olivia met and fell in love with Ben, a guy she bumped into at a Halloween party one of her co-workers held at their house. She was dressed as a red devil, completely with a cape, two red horns, high heels and a trident. Little did she realize at the time, Ben’s costume was hardly dress-up for him.

A month later, on Black Friday, Rachel went shopping and after a bit of provocative flirting with the lady behind the make-up counter, Rachel asked Gretchen out on a date. It took one night at an Italian restaurant and a few hours at a dance club for Rachel and Gretchen to fall in love. The next morning, they woke up in bed in each other’s arms. And they remained that close ever since – participating in marriage marches up and down the east coast for same gender couples.

Rachel and Olivia remained very close and talked several times a week. The two couples would often double-date, and were quite close. After tonight, however, the word close would take on new meaning. Sitting between Gretchen and Rachel, Olivia began to get hammered with questions. They had been invited to stay at Ben and Olivia’s place for a weekend that they would never forget.

“I think someone is stalling,” Rachel said, taking the wine bottle from Olivia and pouring the glasses full herself.

“Okay,” Olivia said, placing her hands flat on her thighs as she took in a deep breath. “Ben has a feeling.”

“We all have feelings,” Gretchen said with a laugh, knowing that Olivia was trying to sugar-coat the secret with presentation. “You don’t need to soften the blow, Livie. Rachel and I are certain not two people who will judge you or Ben.”

“Just tell us what it is, Angel,” Rachel encouraged, using the title of endearment she gave Olivia back in college.

“Ben likes to role play,” Olivia finally blurted out.

“Do you mean like doctor and nurse?” Gretchen asked.

“No,” Olivia answered.

“Oooo,” Rachel exclaimed as another idea came to mind. “Is it like a bondage thing where he ties you down?”

“No,” Olivia answered, staying cryptic as she knew Gretchen and Rachel needed to have a little fun with her before they would let her tell them.

“Is he your master?” Gretchen asked with hot heavy breath.

“And does he make you dress-up like Princess Leia from Return of the Jedi and sit at his feet with a collar around your neck?” Rachel asked with a smirk of delight.

“No,” Olivia answered, sucking in her bottom lip to keep herself from grinning.

“Is he a Goth lord?” Gretchen asked.

“Nope,” Olivia replied.

“Does he make you dress up like an animal?” Rachel asked.

“Huh-uh,” Olivia answered.

“Are you guys Master and Slave?” Gretchen asked.

“No,” Olivia responded.

“Then what are you guys?” Rachel asked, perplexed as to what it could be.

“We’re Mommy and baby,” Olivia stated bluntly.

A silence fell over the room that only lingered for a few seconds but felt like a few minutes.

“Okay,” Rachel said as she and Gretchen turned towards Olivia and leaned in. “Details. Spill it all.”

“And don’t leave anything out,” Gretchen added. “What do you mean Mommy and baby? Is this like an Oedipus Rex complex thing?”

“I don’t know. Maybe,” Olivia said, smiling contently as she poured herself a glass of Pinot Grigio.

“Oh no. Huh-uh, Angel,” Rachel said with authority. “There is no way that I don’t know. Maybe. will ever do. Come on. Out with it.”

“Start from the beginning,” Gretchen added.

“I’ll get to the beginning a bit later,” Olivia said, taking a big gulp from her glass of wine. “For now, let me just say that Ben is back in the bedroom probably shaking right now.”

“Why?” Rachel asked.

“Because he knows I’m out here telling you that he’s my baby,” Olivia answered.

“Olivia, Rachel and I are two people who are very close to the two of you. Tell him that we’re not going to judge him,” Gretchen said with concern in her voice.

“It’s not about being judged that scares him, Gretchen,” Olivia explained. “This is a secret he has kept to himself his entire life. And there are only three people in this world who know his secret. All three of them are sitting on this couch.”

“Maybe you can explain what you mean by Mommy and baby,” Rachel offered up, gently as she made eye contact with Gretchen before returning her attention to Olivia. “Our confusion is that we don’t understand. Is it just a fetish?”

“No, it’s not a fetish at all. It’s a feeling,” Olivia explained.

“So, you feel like his Mommy and he feels like your baby?” Gretchen asked for clarification.

“Right, but it’s not just the thoughts. It’s the emotions, too,” Olivia said. “We feel it in the heart.”

“So, it’s a connection between the two of you,” Rachel stated.

“It’s a bond between us and it grows. There’s a little something we both get from it that each of us needs,” Olivia explained. “For me, it gives me the opportunity to take care of him and the way he reacts to my care comes from a place that is as pure and as innocent as love can be. I see that love in his eyes and it kicks every maternal emotion within me into overdrive.”

“What does it do for him?” Rachel asked, tilting her head to the side with intrigue.

“It allows him to feel weak, helpless, defenseless and vulnerable,” Olivia said with a reflective look in her eyes. “Benny needs to feel that way sometimes.”

“Is he gonna come out from the bedroom soon?” Gretchen asked.

“Yes,” Olivia answered before finishing her glass of wine and standing up. “I’m going to go get him, but before I bring him out. Here’s what I want you guys to do when he comes out: Smother him with love. It’s step number one. And there are three steps I want to take him through this weekend.”

“Okay,” Rachel stated. “We are good smotherers, but can I first ask what the other two steps are?”

“The first thing I want is for him to feel accepted. So smother him,” Olivia replied. “The next thing I want him to feel is unsettled. And when I want him to feel that, I’ll give you guys a wink and you start lightly teasing him. And the last step is for him to feel humiliated.”

“Why do you want him to feel humiliated?” Gretchen asked with a look of confusion.

“Because after he gets that feeling of humiliation inside him, his insecurities will be exposed and he won’t ever be afraid to open up again,” Olivia answered. “But I want him to go through all of this with just the three of us. Not anyone else at first. We’ll be able to see if he’s overwhelmed and then we’ll stop. I don’t want him overwhelmed. Tonight is just a taste of it.”

Gretchen and Rachel scooted next to each other and watched Olivia walking back the hallway to the bedroom.

“Benny?” Olivia said with a gentle and soft tone as she opened the bedroom door.

The girls looked at each other and then back down the hallway. They were dying to see what was to come.

“Olivia, I don’t think I can do this,” Ben confessed, resting his elbows on his knees and face in his hands.

“Tell me what has you worried,” Olivia said softly, sitting next to him on the end of the bed and lightly stroking his back.

“I’ve never done this before. I’ve never opened up like this,” Ben whispered, trembling from his own thought.

“Yes you have, Benny,” Olivia said softly as she guided him down onto the bed, gently tracing a squiggly line on his naked chest. “You’ve done this for me many times. Now, I want you to do it for yourself.

Ben closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath to calm himself down. Olivia was using that soft, sweet voice which always lured his senses into submission before anything else. He felt her loving fingertips as they began at his left ankle and caressed their way up his naked skin. He sighed softly as they reached the soft skin of his inner thigh.

“That’s a little more like it,” Olivia said with as sweet and as deep of a voice as she could. “Mommy doesn’t like to see her little benny so worked up.”

Little Benny was the name she called him when coaxing him into age play time. In more ways than one it added that garnishing touch that always created those fluttering feelings in his stomach. He opened his eyes as she placed her hands flat to his belly and began to slide them up his naked chest. Her taunt of domination and her tease of control intoxicated his heart every time, and thereafter, his mind.

“You’ve built a wonderful life for us. You build amazing things each day,” she said with a gentle moment of serious before leaning forward and whispering in his ear. “Tonight, I’m going to build your dreams.”

Her hot breath rolled down the side of his neck. The scent of her skin and her perfume produced the slightest little twinge between his legs – the first of many. But her slow burn method had only begun and as she patted him between the legs, he knew that her embers were lit to smolder for a long time before he would see her flames.

Ben was an architect by profession and his imaginative drawings had created some of the most impressive structures within the industry. But lying beneath her as she traced the outline of his jaw and the features of his face with her fingernails, he knew he had met an architect of something far greater than any brick, steel or mortar could ever possibly equal. Olivia paid attention to his weaknesses, and now as his Mommy, she knew exactly what buttons to push in him to derive what she wanted to see and how she wanted him to feel. She owned his heart and he helplessly opened it to a vulnerability that not only fueled her maternal edge but also her sexual one. Sometimes she indulge both of his mindsets – keeping little benny in his thoughts and Big Ben between his legs.

Big Ben was the name she called him when coaxing him into arousal. And as he lied beneath her, his mind drifted back to that night when they met and how she put him to bed. He was so drunk he wouldn’t have been able to get there on his own.

As his mind kept thinking back to that night, his eyes glazed over, remembering how he knew she would be the perfect Mommy for him – if he only had the courage to speak from his heart. It would take months before he would finally reveal his little side to her. He was so nervous, but never expected the reaction he got from her.

“That’s what I was waiting for,” she whispered with syrup to her voice as she saw his irises gaze the first twinkle of littleness.

His mind returned to the moment, but now with the reflection of every time she had touched him and melted his defenses.

“Haven’t I always taken care of you?” she asked, gazing a twinkle of her own. “You need my care as much as I need your love. Gretchen and Rachel are the two most accepting people I have ever known. And they need to know our secret so you can know what it feels like to be you. The you that only Mommy knows.”

His tummy fluttered and he tightened his lips to make his breaths steady and even as the fantasies he had only known in his dreams filled his senses. She wasn’t just melting his soul, but she was melting his ability to resist. And the way Olivia knew best to get Ben – whether little or Big – to think how she wanted him to was to eliminate the one thing inside that was causing all the trouble … his fear.

“Mommy’s friends are going to adore you. And when they see what a good boy you are, they’ll love you even more, Baby,” Olivia said as leaned back down to him again, dangling the end of her golden locks across his face.

Olivia didn’t just have a beautiful mind and a caring heart. She had spent quite a bit of time on her appearance. Her skin was perfectly tanned year round. Her teeth were pearly white. Her hair was smooth, healthy and long. Her skin was as soft as could be. Her fingernails were always painted red and each night she filed their edges with precision. Her eyes were mesmerizing and her personality was such that she could get upset about something while also getting over it at the same time.

But her vanity wasn’t just for the sake of feeling better about herself. It was also meticulously done so that Ben’s knees would nearly buckle when she entered the room. With a simple glancing and a lick of the tongue across her cherry red lips, she could make him babble or have him scoop her up for the quick journey to the bedroom which always led to a Big Climax for both of them.

Her make-up was perfect on this night. Her hair was light and tousled enough to catch his attention all that much easier. Her legs were encased in the black nylons she always wore with that flouncy black skirt around her waist and she wore the pink button down shirt she had bought him. Ben refused to wear the shirt because it was pink and thus far, she still hadn’t broken down that wall. But it didn’t mean she would admit defeat. It was merely a matter of time before he would wear it – just not tonight.

She was dressed to impress and that cheery, inviting glow about her made clear to him how much he loved her. He could bare his soul and heart to her completely. The heavy pounding of a heart beat in his chest began as she placed the nail of her pointer finger on the tip of his chin and trailed down his neck, lightly scratching his sternum as she patted her fingertips across his tummy, turning her wrist and continuing her journey southwards. She lifted her fingers and pressed her palm into his midsection before lowering her fingers back down – onto the front of his diaper. Her fingers kept crawling downward until she was able to dangle them over the area between his legs.

Patting his diapered front, a look of delighted control washed over her face for a brief moment before the kindness of Mommy filled her gaze. She was of two mindsets – just like him. But her gentle dominance would set the pace for both of him and he would helplessly follow her wherever she led him.

“We’re going to go out to the living room,” she started slipping a finger under the diaper’s elastic edging at the top of his thigh. “And you are going to show Gretchen and Rachel how soft you are, how little you feel and how obediently you remain wrapped around your loving Mommy’s fingers.”

“Yes Mommy,” he whispered with near-breathlessness.

The slow burn had melted him once again. She took hold of his left hand and stood up, helping him to his feet.

“Open,” she instructed sweetly as she picked up the white pacifier sitting on the nightstand and tossed her hair back as she touched the rubber nipple to his lower lip.

He parted his lips and took the nipple in his mouth, nursing on it as he lowered his chin.

“That’s a good little boy,” she said, reaching behind him and patting his diapered bottom a few times.

And if Ben had had anything in his bladder at all, he would’ve involuntarily released it as she opened the bedroom and walked out into the hallway, turning back to him and extending her hand.

“Come on, Baby,” she said with that sweet and loving Mommy Voice he adored and always obeyed.

As helpless as could be, he reached out and took hold of her hand as he walked out into hallway and then looked out to the living room. The expressions on Gretchen and Rachel’s faces went from showing curiosity to showing smiles that were just as endearing as those Olivia gave him.

He took his first step forward and heard the crinkling of his diaper. He understood tonight was just going to be a taste of many new emotions, but he already felt that honey on more than just the tip of his tongue and there was so much more he would taste before she put him to bed later.

Out to the living room they walked.

“Oh … my … goodness,” Rachel said with a sweetness to her voice that sent the fluttering in Ben’s stomach up into his chest. “Awwwww.”

“He is so adorable,” Gretchen said with an equaling sweetness that sent tingles across the surface of his skin.

“Girls,” Olivia said with a loving grin. “I’d like you to meet my little benny.”

“Hello, little benny,” Rachel greeted him with a bright smile on her face and with a voice so high-pitched that he trembled with the last bit of resistance to littleness he had.

“Go give them a hug, baby,” Olivia whispered into his ear.

He tried to step forward, but his legs suddenly wouldn’t work. He was trembling with an unexpected bit of fear, but with a greater sense of uncertainty. It seemed so simple, though. This was the realization of his dreams and now that he had it in front of him, he didn’t know what to do. Luckily, Olivia knew what to tell him to do. She had seen him freeze up like this before. And when he did, she took control.

“It’s okay, baby,” Olivia whispered in his ear, allowing her sweet breath to trail down the front of his chest as she guided him down to his hands and knees. “Crawl to them.”

Ben lifted his eyes to look at Gretchen and Rachel across the room. He was on the edge of overload already and he couldn’t be happier for how petrified he truly was at that moment. His greatest secret had just been left out and he was vulnerable, outside and in, to everything – from sensations to emotions to fantasy that final felt real.

“Crawl to me, benny,” Rachel said with arms extended to him and a sweetness that encompassed everything his little heart searched for.

He put his left hand. Then his right knee. Then his right hand. Then his left knee.

“That’s it. Crawl to Auntie Rachel,” Rachel continued.

Olivia slid the coffee table back and silently mouthed the words Pat his bottom to Gretchen and Rachel before she reached under the small end table by the left arm of the couch. Picking up a light blue cloth bag, she reached inside it and took out a white blanket with prints on it.

Ben continued his crawl, encouraged by Rachel’s sweet words. And finally reaching her, he knelt up, wrapping his arms around her and resting his head on her chest as he closed his eyes and nursed on the rubber nipple of his pacifier. She wrapped her arms around him and began slowly rocking him back and forward. Her body felt so warm, like there was a sudden heat emitting from her skin. She smelled sweet, just like Olivia and he didn’t want to let go. For how nervous he was in opening up, he was glad he had listened to Olivia.

“I had no idea you were a baby,” Rachel said to him with gentleness to her tone as she reached down to pat his diapered bottom, continuing to rock him back and forth. “All this time I knew you and I never really knew you as well as I do now. Don’t be scared to tell me things like this. I will always care for you, benny … always.”

Olivia watched as she laid the soft white blanket on the floor in front of the couch, spreading it out flat. Her face was beaming with happiness that Ben had finally been so brave as to begin to embrace what his heart had always needed to feel. Her greatest wish for him was to be able to accept how he felt. If he accepted how he felt, then he would never deny his dreams and he would never hate himself for having the little feelings he harbored in his heart.

“My turn,” Gretchen said cheerfully, extending her hands to Ben.

He crawled over to her and knelt up, embracing her the same way. And her return hug was filled with as much love as Rachel had shown him. He whimpered, feeling the acceptance he was surrounded with and with the fluttering in his tummy, found a safety in their care.

“It’s okay, benny. You are a good little boy and we are very proud of you for being so brave,” Gretchen said while rocking him back and forth as well. “You don’t ever need to hide who you are from us again.”

Rachel reached over and rubbed his naked back. He could sense that Olivia had knelt down behind him. When she ran her fingers through the back of his hair, lightly dragging the tips of her fingernails across his scalp, he exhaled and relaxed into their care. He wasn’t so much swooning in the attention as he was melting into the comfort they provided his mind. He was accepted and that made mole hills of the mountains he always seemed to face. Kneeling in the middle of the three women who seemed to monopolize most of his life, wearing only a diaper and being called baby was like he was dreaming while being wide awake.

“Come on, diaper boy,” Olivia set, patting his diapered bottom. “Have a seat.”

He sunk down from his kneel, sitting on the blanket. He could feel the nerve-endings tingling across his body, all the way out to his toes and fingertips. The three woman kept talking, but it seemed as if their words were had become idle chatter to him. It became difficult to focus in on understanding what he was hearing and his mind felt as if it were softening. Looking up, he tired focusing in on Gretchen’s left knee, but couldn’t even do that. His eyes showed confusion and though he was filled with an uncertainty of what was happening to him, he recalled feeling something similar to this before. But sitting there, in the middle of his dream-turned-reality, he couldn’t place his finger on the exact memory.

“What’s happening to him?” Rachel asked, placing her hand under his chin and lifting his eyes up to her. “Livie, is he all right?”

Olivia took his chin in her and turned his eyes to face towards her. Smiling, she placed her right hand behind his head, running her fingernails threw his hair as she placed her left hand around to his lower back. Leaning in she touched the tip of her nose to the tip of his nose. He blinked a few times and then focused in on her face. A smile formed behind his pacifier – one that was filled with love, unconditional.

“He’s fine. He’s just regressing. That’s all,” she said to the girls. “It’s a beautiful thing to watch when it happens. It melts my heart each time he does it.”

Keeping her hands behind, she leaned him backwards, lowering him onto the soft white blanket with gentleness needed for handling fine China glass. His eyes never left her gaze and he didn’t resist her.

“Down ya go,” Olivia said to him with an almost song-like quality as she patted him between the legs. “That’s Mommy’s little guy. You’re being such a good little benny for me tonight. And Mommy loves you for behaving so well.

Gretchen and Rachel joined them on the blanket, each sitting on either side of him.

“I thought you two were so cute together already,” Gretchen said picking up her wine glass from the coffee table and handing Rachel’s wine glass to her. “But cute doesn’t nearly describe this.”

“It’s almost like he’s lost right now, but not really lost,” Rachel added, watching Olivia lovingly stroke the side of Ben’s face with her hand. “Do you know what’s going through his mind?”

“Very little,” Olivia said, stopping to correct what that statement sounded like. “What I mean is: His mind is traveling somewhere that will only allow him to feel little. He can’t describe it when I ask him about it – only except to call it Mommy’s World.”

They watched him lying there, looking around aimlessly as if he were truly were lost in a world created by Olivia’s nurturing.

“Can he hear us right now?” Gretchen asked.

“I don’t actually know. I’ve never talked to anyone about him in front of him before. At least, not about this. I do know that his mind slows down a little when he’s … little ,” Olivia said with a small laugh, sitting up and lightly rolling her nails down his chest. “But I know when he regresses like this, he gets quiet and he reacts to soft voices, sweetness, kindness. Make certain when you talk to him now that you talk slowly so he doesn’t get overwhelm with processing.”

His tummy was fluttering with a littleness that kept him in an almost paralyzed state. And, coupled with the steady stream of Awws that Gretchen and Rachel were giving him, the ogling around him would keep him from doing anything for a while.
“I think I’m starting to get this,” Gretchen stated, watching Olivia caress the inside of Ben’s thighs. “It isn’t some sort of Peter Pan condition is it?”

“No,” Olivia said with a laugh. “It’s nothing like that.”

“Okay, so let me ask you something,” Gretchen said, setting her wine glass back on the coffee table. “I watched an episode of Dr. Phil where this guy came on the show and said that he liked to be a baby and his girlfriend wasn’t too thrilled about, but still indulged him in it. It was causing problems in their relationship and Dr. Phil kept referring to it as a fetish. But you’re saying that this isn’t a fetish between you and Ben?”

“Yeah, I saw that episode,” Olivia said with slight disgust as she got up and walked into the kitchen. “For that guy allow, I truly believe it was a fetish to him. And it was a fetish that interfered with his ability to lead a regular adult life. For Benny and me, it’s completely different.”

“How so?” Gretchen asked with caution.

“Well, I guess the best way to see the difference is to look at it like this,” Olivia began as she returned to the entryway from the kitchen, shaking up a baby bottle she had just filled with milk. “Good things are things that come into your life and enhance it. Bad things are things that come into your life and destroy it. It’s that simple. And for that guy on the Dr. Phil show, his obsession with a fetish was wrecking his ability to function normally, wrecking his relationship and also … he didn’t take a second to think about whether his girlfriend was getting anything out of caring for him like this or not.”

“Well, okay. It’s obvious that you get quite a bit out of taking care of him,” Rachel said as Olivia walked over to the microwave, placed the bottle inside it and started the timer. “So, what makes this a feeling and not a fetish?”

“Because it’s in both of our heads as much as our hearts,” Olivia said from the kitchen. “And what that means is: we have a balance between this and regular life.”

The microwave dinged and Olivia took the bottle out of it, testing the milk’s warmth on the palm of her hand as she walked back into the living room.

“Monday morning, he’ll go back to work and he’ll be the architect he set out to be when he graduated college,” Olivia said as she sat in front of the couch leaning her back up against it. “Benny? Bottle.”

Ben sat up slowly and crawled over to her, turning over and leaning back onto her thighs. She wrapped right arm around his shoulder, holding him up slightly as she slipped a pinky finger in the handle of his pacifier, removing the pacifier from his mouth. Touching the warm rubber nipple of the bottle to his bottom lip, she guided it into his mouth. He closed his lips around the nipple and closed his eyes resting the side of his head on her right breast.

“That’s my good little benny baby,” Olivia whispered to him as he began to nurse on the nipple.

He began taking in the warm milk and she shifted his diapered hips to cradle him. Rocking back and forth ever-so-slightly, she quietly returned to the conversation.

“But no matter whether we are Ben and Livie for the night or Mommy and Baby, the feeling remains throughout,” she whispered with a maternal glow in her eyes as she watched him nursing on the bottle. “This also fits our personalities naturally. He’s always been submissive to me. I guess that was why my initial reaction was favorable.”
“Okay, I gotta know something, Liv. He’s got a natural knack for being a baby and you enjoy indulging him in it and it doesn’t interfere with his job or your lives together. I get all that,” Rachel whispered as her left eyebrow suddenly rose before she continued. “But can he still be a man in bed?”

Olivia smiled with a slyness that turned up the corners of her mouth.

“Do you mean: Can he still satisfy me?” Olivia asked, seeing both Gretchen and Rachel nod. “Yes, but it’s slightly different now. And I am very happy with the changes this has brought about.”

“Spill. Spill. Spill,” Rachel whispered with insistence as both she and Gretchen leaned forward for the juicy details.

Olivia smiled a bit more slyly as she looked up at them.

“Now … I am in charge. Completely – whether I’m on top or on the bottom,” Olivia stated with pride.

“Really?” Gretchen and Rachel asked simultaneously.

“Yep,” Olivia responded. “I control when his arousal begins and when it ends. I can make him go from little benny to BIG Ben with a snapping of my fingertips.”

“And he listens?” Rachel asked, lowering her as if she was receiving the juiciest little secret imaginable.

“The more he regresses like this and the more accustomed he gets to seeing me as Mommy, the more obedient he becomes,” Olivia said, trying to hold back her grin. “He won’t do anything without my permission anymore. The other day, he called me and asked if it was okay to get gas.”

“Gretchen,” Rachel whispered. “Pour this genius another glass of Pinot Grigio.”

“Hold on a second,” Olivia said, hearing the sucking sounds of an empty bottle.

She removed the rubber nipple from his mouth and re-inserted his pacifier.

“Keep your underwear on, girls,” Olivia said as Gretchen and Rachel watched her unbutton the front of the pink shirt she was wearing. Lowering her right breast out of the cup of her bra, she placed her right hand on the back of his head and took the pacifier out of his mouth with her left pink as she guided his mouth up and onto her right nipple. Then, she put her right arm back behind his shoulder blades and returned him to a cradled position.

His lips closed around her nipple and he began to nurse from her breast. His eyes never opened and he never resisted. Gretchen handed him the glass of Pinot Grigio.

“There’s plenty of manhood left within him, but now he’s under my control. It’s a power unlike anything I have ever felt before,” Olivia admitted as she put the wine glass to her lips.

“In a short while, I’ll show you something far more intoxicating than wine.”

“What?” Rachel asked with a whisper that was filled with eagerness to know.

Olivia swallowed a big mouthful of wine before answering.

“After I bottle feed him, I always breast feed him,” Olivia said, looking down at Ben with a dominant glimmer in her irises.

He peacefully nursed from her breast, not drawing any milk from her, but going through motions that were now as natural to him as breathing.

“When his lips stop moving, he’ll sleep for a half hour and then suddenly he’ll wake up,” Olivia stated.

“How do you know this?” Rachel asked with disbelief that Olivia could be so certain.

“Because I put a laxative in his bottle of milk,” Olivia said with a contented smile. “And when it takes effect, he’ll wake up.”

“And then what?” Gretchen asked, beginning to delight in the control that Olivia had over the diapered man in her arms.

“I found the man of my dreams. And I am filling my world with his dreams, too,” Olivia said with an endearing smile, rich with the sentiments of love she had for him. “And when he wakes up, little benny here will finally be ready for total humiliation, not just a taste of it.”



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