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Hellos all! I'm Evie, and I've been thinking about sharing my fantasies as a collection of stories! I've tried roleplaying online before and always just get so frustrated when the other person says something like "you wet and mess and I clean you up".

Seriosly??? You just left out all kindsa details about the fun parts!!! That's my goal with my storytelling. I want it to have that element of real (even though plenty of the situations could never happen the way I'll describe them!). I'm not going to just skim over everything; I aim to describe, to give those essential details, the subtle descriptors that make the difference between an embarrassing scene (not my favorite) which would call for punishment and an exhibitionist scene, which would deserve praise and positive reinforcement.

What experience to I have with diaper playing and my other fetishes? Not really any, which is all the more reason I want to try writing stories to figure out what I might like and get feedback, not only on my writing style but also on the very scene itself and what seemed stupid and what could use MOAR...

I'll do my best to put some general "warnings" if you will at the beginning of the stories, just in case there's something I'll talk about that you're just thinking "ew, no" about. I am transgendered and have no problem with what's in my pants, so I can presume that might make many of the stories weird since I kinda want to pretend I'm in a lot of them, but I'm gonna try sharing them anyways!

I hope I can reach enough of an audience >.< If there might be a place where I can reach more just let me know!

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I've written one story, but then after a good night's rest, I glanced at it again and hate it >.< I'm working on showing it to a friend that wants to see if it's actually as bad as I think it is.
  • January 4, 2013
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