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Just sayin,

Sending me a friend add and I don't know you NO we cannot be friends!

Asking to be friends because you are a daddy... I don't give a crap! I have a daddy/bubbie/boyfriend all ready!

Saying i am hot so that i will add you to my friends.. Get a life, save your lame pick up lines!

Saying your country so we have something alike, Please you really have no idea! Save your lies for another girl! Excuse my cowgirl boots as I walk all over you!

Sending me a msging and I don't know you, I probably more then 99% wont respond so stop wasting your time!

Sometimes even if i do know you... well,sometimes you're just damn creepy! So no we cant be friends!

To all my other friends that I still have yet to add out of my 127 pending...Get off my balls I will get to you in the next three years...

feels shitty cause some assholes make the rest of us "daddies" or guys look bad.
Grow the fuck up and stop thinking with your dick.
  • December 7, 2012
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