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so yes ~ i've already mentioned that i have a daddy ~
he's silly and gentle and understanding and lovely,
but even with so many good traits, we still have little squabbles, mostly because of my sensitivity, my temper and my being difficult.

i often have trouble saying what is bothering me and that sometimes frustrates daddy because he can't figure out what went wrong in the past 10 seconds. But i'm learning, learning to try and say what's on my mind and speak honestly and openly about things, and that's possible cuz daddy makes it a little easier for me to do so, he's quiet and gentle and tries to give me space when i can't find the words to express whats wrong. and when i finally can speak , daddy is able to listen and understand why i'm angry or hurt of fustrated and it always makes me happy that he's there for me even when i'm being difficult. he doesn't ever make me feel bad or silly, he makes me feel like its okay and that we'll work things out no matter what..

with so much to learn, i suppose you could call it an adventure or a journey. but that is what a relationship is so, i suppose we are at a good place, daddy and i. there isn't many like him, so i'm a pretty lucky little one aren't i?

lisa over and out
Melba Sanchez
Is it OK if I ask Sean to be my Daddy also? I would also like to be playmates with both of you.
  • July 24, 2016
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