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okay, winter isn't really easing in, it's more like forcing it's way into the air and decided that everyday is a good day to freeze your ears off.

so i've got 3 weeks of school left and work is over over the top, so much to do that i have to plan everything day by day to make sure i have a good idea of what is really on my plate.. there's alot of shit on my plate but ! things have been good. super good actually, amidst all this "omg i'm gonna die" i have indeed found an awesome fellow and daddy. We've been talking for awhile and skyped quite abit for the past few months and hey what? we are together ~~

he came to visit for the first time on wednesday and we had the chance to get to know each other better~ it's always awesome to meet someone for the first time after you've talked to them online for a while but it's also a challenge.
lots of things to work through, a lot of learning for both of us to do, but it's good, cuz he's a lovely guy and i'm a... um... hmm... hard.. to handle girl? ugh. the difficulties lie in my expectations that have been inbuilt in me by family and the culture i am from, so there are so many differences in the way we behave that he and i have to try and work around. and i also have to try and prepare him for my mom who .. is more of a hard ass than i. i mean she's an awesome mom but there are expectation she has of me and my to be partner so ... lots of training ... lots and lots of it. but i'm sure he's strong enough to go through the flame. and somehow, we'll meet at the middle.

i've got so much to learn about you, and you of i, but i'm happy we met and i'm happy we are working things out. cuz. the challenge is the fun part about it right? and the fruits of working all these kinks out cannot be compared to anything this world has to offer ~

i must sound super unromantic right now. hahaha~
i love you sean ~~~~~ <3

lisa over and out

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