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So !
3 weeks into the fall semester.. wait what ?? 3 weeks ? ALREADY ???
Yup ! it's been a little while since i returned from home and it's been a little bit of a tough semester to be honest.
first reason being, i'm taking 3 classes that intimidate the life out of me, web design, digital illustration and a narrative story class, i'm not very good with the computer so web design is definitely a challenge, i'm more of a traditional based artist, so digital illustration is a struggle and the narrative story class is amazing but i'm one of the only junior ( there is only 2) among a sea of seniors, so the standard is very high and everyone is so talented. so yeah that's stressing me out a little...

but overall, i'm loving my time here, i love the people in my life, i love my cat, i'm currently loving the weather. it does get a little lonely at times but i'm glad there is always usually someone i can turn to talk to to forget my loneliness. so yeah . things have been good good.

mweeeeh gotta get back to worrrrkk !
lisa out out out
Yeah, back to work squirt!
I'm glad you are adjusting so well though . You just need to be more confident in yourself and your abilities.
  • October 4, 2012
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