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Because, aren't we all,
if it isn't the end of the world, it's the time bomb in our hearts that would one day cause the end of our lives. and when it does, what will we be able to say at our death beds, at our last moments, to the people around us.

i just recently watched "seeking a friend for the end of the world" and i really did enjoy it. but i was heartbroken as the movie was riddled with regrets and only when there was a time set till the end of the world did anything seem to happen for the lead actor and actress. And though that was just a movie, it mirrors how we live today and how some people have to actually face being told you have 3 months to live, you have 2 years to live. But ... That is live isn't it. it is unpredictable, it is ever changing and volatile. and that's why it's so beautiful to be alive.

as you can see this is a going to be a ramble, but i suppose if anything, it's for me to read back and remember that no matter how bad life is, i want to be thankful, i want to act out of love, i want to look forward and work to make things better because as long as i'm breathing, i'm blessed. There are many things in life i wasn't created for. i'm not created to create the cure for cancer, or to write a winning novel, or to invent the teleporting machine ... though i wish i was ... but i do know i was creating for SOMETHING. maybe it's to adopt a child and to raise a wonderful family, maybe it's to write and illustrate a wonderful childrens book, maybe it's to impact people with my art and spread a specific message. i don't know but i know there is something that i'm here to do. and i know that there is a something that everyone has to do. .. you were created for something and no matter how small or big or impossible it may seem, that something is for you and only you to discover and pull through with.

i guess what's tugging at my heart this morning is that i don't want to have to face a situation that tells me that i only have a certain amount of time to live to wake me up. i want to wake up now and do everything possible to make this life ... this one, brief. fleeting, sudden, wonderful life as awesome and fufillling as humanly possible and i pray that whoever reads this, it will open your eyes to how temporary we are. so DO IT , LOVE, HUG SOMEONE, GET THAT DIPLOMA OR DEGREE, LEARN THAT LESSON, KEEP ON SMILING, PICK UP THAT SKILL, DISCOVER YOUR PASSION, CONQUR THAT GOAL, REACH REALLY HIGH and when you've done everything and when you breathed your last breath, i pray you will have no lingering regrets. . .

I know this may be strange to read but really, though i don't know any of you, i've not walk the road you have and i may never cross your path, at this moment, my heart does out to you and i pray you are all doing well and that life is being kind to you. stay strong and keep faith, you will all be in my prayers tonight

Much love

Miss Piss

Dirty Diaper Girls