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Lives in Sydney, Australia · Born on December 29, 1988
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December 29, 1988
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April 2, 2018
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June 13, 2013
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About Me
I'm a 25 year old, rather complicated individual. It's rather lonely here in my area, you know... not having so many people to talk about something like this. I'd like to make some friends.

I am a complete DL moving towards AB and am also interested in all other aspects. If given the choice I will probably choose to be the baby (sub) more than the daddy (dom). When in the mood I can be very cheeky, playful and a bit promiscuous, so I could probably work as a brother of some sorts.

I am interested in the world and am an avid reader. I follow science. I like to read fantasy / sci-fi and "literature". Which probably contributes to my hobby of creative writing, but I also read anything that captures my interest. I enjoy candy and cute things (but not animals), I play cosnole games and computer games, I’m a tech head and therefore am into all things IT; I pride myself on having a large video collection (10TB+). I enjoy hanging out with friends and doing fun stuff. I am known to get a little hyper ^_^. As far as hobbies are concerned, I love watching and reading anime and manga respectively and because of this I have become interested in all things Japan. Other hobbies include Warhammer and more to add in the future.

I like to talk with my friends about the nature of things, different points of perception of reality (the longer the talk, the better). Surfing the web, long walks, trips and so on are also on my interest list. I of course have a very open mind and am happy to talk about any topic. While I have not had a very abusive life growing up I have had quite a disruptive life, more based on the world and my family. As such I hate the media and am also paranoid by what they might publish, so I am quite shy/apprehensive about getting deeper into this world.

As for the baby part... what can I say? I am a complete DL moving towards AB. I have met only 4 people even though I have been only actively looking for about 1.5 years. I have a small hidden cupboard full of diapers and bottles and pacifiers. I love being padded, but seldom am, because I don't have the money to live on my own yet. This economy sucks.

Drop a line if you're interested in having a chat sometime. Extract me from the sheer loneliness that haunts me. Maybe we could be friends. I'm very sociable as long as you are decent and nice.
Who I'd Like to Meet
I’d really like to meet/stay with/hook up with another Aussie AB/DL/DAD where we can play together.

Miss Piss

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