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Lives in St Louis, Missouri United States · Born on October 13, 1983
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October 13, 1983
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May 21, 2023
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November 29, 2011
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About Me
If your profile is completely blank, and we have never talked, more than likely I will NOT add you. And just because you have tit's, I'm not going to bow before you and kiss ass, sorry. Talk to me like a person please and thank you.

Yes I wear diapers but that isn't the main and only thing in my life neither is ageplay. I am not sure where i honestly fit in as daddy figure or little. I guess I'm basically a switch but this doesn't really mean I'm lookin for anything in particular Not demanding a mommy, not demanding a LG either. If i do end up with either or though I really wouldn't complain but im not going to worry about it happening.

I am a musician, photographer, writer, i draw alot, uhm lets see what else is there about me. I'm no good at filling these things out honestly. I am a bedwetter and always have been lately i have had some daytime accidents.

Music and movies are a huge part of my life I always have something playing to either watch or listen to. Its one of the few things that keep me going on life anymore sadly. Love watching horror and comedy and love my metal! Go to concerts when i can actually afford them. Basically I live a semi normal life I mean i get up and work everyday like everyone else come home and I just want to relax. I might go out time to time maybe bowling or something but i just want to relax and have fun!

I act silly most of the time because honestly i just love to have fun but though i act like an idiot please don't take me for one your going to be highly disappointed hehehe. I like talking to people and chatting but please have something worth saying im not here to know what you do in your diapers and im sure noone cares or really needs to know about what goes on in mine.

ALSO.... Yes I do have photos that show me, my face, the "real" me that people see on the street, but ONLY FRIENDS can see those.
Who I'd Like to Meet
someone who has their crap together, isn't a drama whore, or a whore in any facet really.....
Ravenous, Shaun of the dead, Night of the living dead, House on haunted hill, (the originals and remakes of all of these btw), halloween series, nightmare on elm street series, scanners, puppetmaster series, house of 1000 corpses, the SAW series, frankenstein (old and new) , dracula (old and new) attack of the killer tomatos, toxic avenger, lost boys, silence of the lambs, hannibal, red dragon, hannibal rising, goonies, trick-r-treat, twice told tales, titus, the crow, strangeland, lost boys the tribe, monty pythons meaning of life, monty python and the holy grail, monty python and the life of brian, monty python and now for something completely different, yellowbeard, time bandits, kung pow,popeye, saesame street FOLLOW THAT BIRD, looney tunes bugs bunny and road runner movie, ANY muppets movie, the rats of nihm, fern gully,botched,cky videos, freaks, me myself and irene, super troopers, beerfest, national lampoons movies from animal house to van wilder, almost any disney animated movie, ....almost lol from snow white and cinderella to beauty and the beast, alladin and toy story, blair witch, blair witch 2, scream , half baked, Requim for a dream, one hour photo, bad taste, reservoir dogs, pulp fiction, they live, ROCKY HORROR, shock treatment, lost highway, donnie darko, bandits, secret window, pirates of the carribean series, cradle of fear, This is just a tiny portion of my movies if you havent noticed yeah i do watch alot of horror flicks but i do watch alot of childrens movies too and still love cartoons. .
Watching movies, Tattoos, Going to museums, going to the zoo, body modification, auto body modification, going to concerts, being a mallrat, bonfires, working on cars....OH and airsoft
ac/dc, pantera, soulfly, sepulture, messhuga, system of a down (prefer the older stuff) bile, anthrax, kidney thieves, kmfdm, nine inch nails, skinny puppy, motley crue, ministry, mindless self indulgence, damageplan, skinless, samael, alestorm, alice in chains, alice cooper, bad company, big dummb face, rammstein, genitorturers, strapping young lad, dimmu borgir, slayer, coal chamber, death ss, lords of acid, my life with the thrill kill kult, type o negative, metallica, dethklok, carcass, soilwork, spineshank, kill hannah, nailbomb, nile, crematory, danzig, korn, kiss, led zepplin, beethovan, skid row, motzart, tchicavsky, fear factory, in flames, children of bodom, norther, ozzy, black sabbath, dio, jackyl, godsmack. again a TINY list i listen to ALOT of music

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