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Lives in England, United Kingdom · Born on July 7, 1995
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July 7, 1995
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July 24, 2021
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July 7, 2013
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I came here to find friends and hopefully my certain special someone/somepersons. I’m mainly looking for a (not long distance, under 40) Caregiver/Dom/me, though I am open to exploring other things too (I'm a needy princess and would love a sugardaddy/mommy). I'd love some little friends in my area for nonsexual playdates.

Please keep in mind that I’m demi-sexual/gray-asexual. I experience pretty much every attraction except sexual attraction, I feel no urge to have sex with other people. I do know that gender is irrelevant to me romantically or sexually, this does not mean that I like everyone.

How about I tell you a little about myself? I adore all things cute and cuddly, I’m a very tactile person, I have a super soft spot for care bears or my little pony, and I’m very interested in alternative fashions such as Fairy Kei, Decora and Lolita, all of which are part of my daily wardrobe. I love school uniforms/sailor seifukus and daily cosplay as well, I love anime, i'm pretty much your standard crafty geek. I like to live with my head in the clouds, it’s prettier there, duh. I’m not a particularly motivated person, I’m lazy and loungey, I’m very sure I was meant to be a cat actually.

I’m a Little/Pet(kitty & pupper)/Brat, being a Little is very much a part of who I am, part of my personality, though it is not all I am. I find it makes me a much better, much happier person. A lot of that depends on my mood, the situations, the people ect. I'm very colourful, childlike and curious by nature! I’m also really into spanking, my very first kink/fetish.

Thankies for reading cuties ~Jelly<3

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If you talk to me excepting a sweet little girl to walk all over, you’ll be sadly mistaken. I am a person, respect me, I’ll respect you. That’s how this works. Don’t be a dick.
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