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This morning was a little different as she woke up next to Daddy. It was a good morning and her goodnite was as dry as when she had gone to sleep the night before. She rolled over gleefully and hugged Daddy good morning. He smiled seeing how happy she was and knew without asking he would find her pull up dry. She always woke up slower and didn't smile when she had peed the bed during her sleep. He took her into his arms and planting a kiss on her forehead. "Good Morning princess, how did you sleep?"
She smiled back snuggling into his arms, it felt so good to be dry like the big girl she wanted to be. "Good morning Daddy, I slept well last night, and I was a big girl all night long! My pull up isn't even a little bit wet!" He kissed her again, "That is great sweetheart! Daddy is so proud of you!" Knowing her as well as he did though he knew she had better be on her way to the potty or she wouldn't be smiling so happily for long. "Run upstairs baby and go potty, then you can bring Daddy a cup of coffee and one of the special donuts we bought yesterday at the store to celebrate!" "But Daddy, I want to lay a little longer in bed and snuggle..." "No baby, you get up there and do as Daddy says, then we will snuggle after we both have a donut to celebrate" "Ok Daddy...." Her response was reluctant, but she climbed out of bed and headed up the stairs.

As soon as her feet hit the floor, gravity set in and she felt the need to pee immediately. She wasn't desperate yet, but she knew she'd better not dawdle or her pull up wouldn't be dry anymore. So she moved along in a hurry, as she walked through the living room though, she saw the kitten playing with his catnip mouse, she stopped and laughed at his silly antics. She could get so distracted so fast. She stood chuckling at the little kitten, holding herself and crossing her legs, but she did not pull herself away from the site of the kitten until it was already going to be too late. She tried crossing her legs to keep from peeing herself, that worked for a moment but as soon as she uncrossed them to dash for the bathroom the first spurt of pee dampened her pull up. She stopped quickly and crossed her legs again, but holding herself she knew she wasn't going to make it. Another warm spurt soaked into her pull up, wetting it even more, then another and finally she couldn't control it anymore, she started to cry as she felt herself let go...Her pull up, unable to soak it all up quickly enough, could not contain the flow and it was soon spilling over the leg cuffs leaking down her thighs and puddling around her bare feet. Once when she had been alone and puddled on the floor as she had just done now, she had stomped in the puddle as a toddler would, it had made her giggle out loud. It had been warm and doing it had made her feel so innocent and baby like. It wasn't making her smile now though, she was really disappointed she had so wanted to make Daddy proud of her.

She cleaned herself up, along with the puddle, but she was not allowed to change her wet pull up without Daddy's permission. With a sigh, she poured a cup of coffee for Daddy, put one donut on a plate and headed back to him, much sadder and much wetter then when she had left.

He could guess from one quick look at her face that she was no longer dry, and seeing only one donut on the plate confirmed his suspicion. He didn't say anything as she sat the cup and plate down on the small table next to the bed. He drew her close when she layed down in the bed next to him. Brushing away a tear which was sliding down her cheek he kissed her again. "It's ok princess, you know Daddy loves you wet or dry." A sob escaped her as she turned to bury her face in his chest. "But Daddy, I wanted to be a big girl today, and not wear my diapers. Now Daddy will make me put them on and I will wet them like a baby, like I always do. I thought if I got to wear my panties, maybe this time I wouldn't go pee pee in them and ... and..." More sobs shook her body as she cried out her disappointment.

They had a rule, Daddy's rule, that if she woke up wet, she would wear diapers the rest of the day. It was really a rule to save them from having to do way more laundry as well and protecting the carpet, the furniture, anything that would not survive being peed on. She almost always woke up wet, but she wanted to be a big girl so bad. The few times she woke up dry, she put her big girl panties on and was so proud of how they felt and looked on her. It usually wasn't long though before they would be wet and have to be exchanged for the familiar diapers she wore daily.
Daddy held her, letting her cry, as she cried she squirmed, softly rubbing her sodden pull up against him. He knew now was not the time, but it was so hard to not feel the extreme excitement he felt whenever she pressed against him.

She knew he accepted her as she was, that it even turned him on to have her so innocent and childlike at times. It made him want to take care of her, to keep her safe and protected, and to know that she was his own special girl to care for in the most complete and intimate ways. He would have been happy for her if she found she suddenly was able to make it through the night or day without having pee accidents, if that was what she truly wanted. But the intimacy it brought to their relationship was something that was not only a turn on emotionally for him but it was a sexual turn on as well.

As she cried his hand soothed her, caressing her back slowly moving over bottom, squeezing her pull up softly before moving along her back, up to her shoulders and down again over and over. She quit crying quickly, it wasn't long before soft moans of pleasure soon began to fill his senses. A wet pull up wasn't anything to deter him. As he caressed and squeezed the sodden pull up against her, she began to be aroused as it had aroused her so many times before. Her legs began to move, her thighs squeezing together, the squish of the soaked pull up against her pussy making her moan louder with pleasure... "Daddy, it feels so good" He smiled as her voice took on that "baby girl" quality. Whenever she was aroused while wearing a wet diaper or pull up, she went into a "little girl" sort of mode, though she was still sexual and arousing in an adult way it brought a certain innocent nature to these times of intimacy. "I know it does baby, and Daddy wants you to feel even better." "Daddy, I peed my pull up" "I know baby, Daddy can feel how wet you are. It feels good doesn't it baby?" "Yes Daddy, it does feel good. It's all warm and squishy and it makes my twinkie feel all throbby." "That's good baby, Daddy is going to make your twinkie feel even more warm and throbby." His fingers made their way inside her pull up, moving them against her, tugging and petting her in the warm moistness. With practiced ease he moved the pull up into place, her moans of pleasure growing louder in anticipation, her body writhing faster, aching for what her Daddy was about to give her... "Daddy, please Daddy..." Her pleading made him even harder. Without hesitation he moved her into place. He entered her fast, his mouth finding hers, covering it forcefully. She gasped then, her cries of pleasure filled his senses again and again. "Daddy, oh my god, Daddy..." They both came quickly, exploding as their bodies moved together. The soaked pull up now forgotten. No longer caring about being wet, or dry, diapered or pantied. As they lay there, enjoying the afterglow of their love making they talked about the day that lay ahead. They soon made their way to the shower, cleaning each other, neither of them giving anymore thought about the dry "goodnite" that had started the morning. As he placed her in her first diaper of the day, he kissed her quickly smiling at his girl, so filled with love and desire to keep her content and fulfilled.


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