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Alicyn Crowley

Alicyn Crowley

Born on November 27, 1986
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November 27, 1986
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May 27, 2018
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May 26, 2018
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i can only pick 1!!!!!!!im way mor than a wetter im a cub about anywere from 7 to 12 deppending on my moode.. a plushee lover. a diper lover a pee lover./im a little mommy a big sissy an im a loving little looking for a mom for romanse an not a mommy cuz im not a baby..i can make my own hot dogs an mac an cheez an i can chanje myself. i like to stay wet as much as i can, i dont care about diper rash i like to pee on my plushees an evry thing,. i pee an poop outside an i pee in my clothes an i like to pee all over. i have a couch for peein on tooo. i like to put things in my tail hole an i like to pee on myself. i want to becum a bedwetter becuz i wanna wet my bed an sleep in my pee so im thinkin about hipnoses but my gf is scared of it. i wanna wake up soaked with pee. i pee on my gf to she lets me i want her to wizz on me but shes scared shell poo on me but i told her its ok cuz axxidense are good. but she still wont do it cuz shes afrade,., but i h8 toilets an tgey shud all b throne away cuz pee shud nvr be put in a tollet or a drane. id rather go potty in a baby potty than a toilitt. i pee in dipers an on plushees an the grownd an th floor an the walls an my couch an my clothes an i even get my siggarrets wet b4 i smoke them sometimes i like to b a bad girl an i need a mom that luvs me anyways cuz i dont wanna b nougty an dirty an i like 2 pee wile i do stuf it feels so good to not hafta stop 2 potyy. my gf even said shell get me a little water pipe 4 smokin erbs with pee. an dont worry abowt my gf were polly. i wanna have a mom whose got freinds that like me an wanna b nautgu with me an my mom. i like weeners but giners r better, i like litle weeners better than big weeners cuz the lityle 1s dont hurt so bad. i want mor toys 4 my pee, i like 2 pee in cups an botles an boles an stuff, i like 2 pee on my food 2. i wanna mom 2 help me bake party muffins with our pees in it. i wanna mom that pees on me all the time an even makes me do it an stuff 4 videos.sry 4 my speling im only 7 rite nowe. anywayz i wanna make freinds with lotsa peepl an mabey meet sum1 to hang out with in person an play nautyy games with an mabey find a mom that wood wanna b my gf too./
other than pee stuff i like 2 build computors i builded al the compuotors i have axept 2. i build tgem out of spare oarts an i put my magical power in eech 1. but not the 2 i didnt built.i like 2 rite storeys an i like 2 play games. i like rp games like dnd but my faveret is d20 moddern urben arecanna. i like card games like magic an lejund of te 5 rings.i like bored games 2 like sammerai spirets. its got furry sammerai daddies in it they make me wanna do noughty stuf. i like to do home decerations allot its fun! dress up is funto. i like 2 plzy video games, lots of them. i like pokemon an final fantasy but only the old 1s an dissidia games. i like games with cute gurlz 2.i like star trakk an funny movies.i love lookin at cool picshurs an i like to smoke erbs an i h8 sleeping i wanna stay up all nite an peeeeeeeeeee allover. i like 2 play with my cats an i wanna lrn how to do erbal stuf like ting sures an alikserz an im gonna start with a dandy lyin ting sure cuz its sposed to b speshulky good 4 makin u pee lots..i like too watch anime an play with my privit parts wen i c the cutest gurlz, i like traps an girly boiz 2.i like mangas to an i wanna b a loli irl. but i wanna b a futa loli cuz havin both parts an bein able 2 get gurlz preganen wile a boi makes me perganen wood b so much fun but thats a hentia thing. but i like to listen 2 muzic 2 i like tehcnoe an stuf. i also like sum other musik to.i like 2 go on walks in th woods with a diper on an a bluntt in my muoth an i like to do sex in the woods.after i pee my diper an poo on the growndd ani smoke the hole time

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