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December 17, 2011
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In this clip I'm wearing a little sun dress and a real baby's size 7 Pampers diaper!

Laid on a beanbag I show off the back of my cute diaper to you. I'd needed to pee so bad for well over an hour and had held it as I really wanted to flood the nappy!

Standing up, I pull up the front of my dress and start to. You can hear the pee hissing in to my diaper as it fills and it's not long before my diaper is completely soaked. I peed so hard that it was too much for the diaper to absorb, leaving my pusssy and bum bathed in a big pool of pee.

I squeeze my over flowing diaper and pee begins to leak down the insides of my legs. Squeezing a little harder, more pee gushes down forming a big puddle on the floor!

This is so sexy I just cant help myself. My diaper is now so soggy and hanging between my legs. I slip my hand in the front of the diaper and begin to rub on my wet pussy. After bringing myself to a huge orgasm I take off my wet diaper and hold it up for you to see just how wet and heavy it is!

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