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I didn't see a story thread anywhere, so I figured I'd create one here. Unless I'm missing something lol.

Anyway, this is the place for your wetting stories/erotica/etc. Please give credit to any work that isn't your own, and remember that constructive criticism is the best kind Smile

Ann's Introduction was written by Luci Vaughn, and copied from the Peesearch forums because it'd be easier than me opening Word lol.


Now that I have your attention, you naughty guys and gals, here’s a little something about yours truly. My name is Ann, and I’m known around these parts as a “fetish goddess.” I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I can get down with some pretty freaky shit. I’m about five and a half feet tall and my skin’s kind of the same color as Halle Berry’s, but a little darker; I’m an awesome mixture of Cuban, Indian, and just enough white-gal to add some crème to the chocolate. My tits may be small, but I love em', and my legs are simply to die for! Normally I wear contacts, but when I’m in the mood, I wear a small pair of half-moon glasses that accentuate my dark-blue eyes. I also have these killer tats of a sun on my left shoulder and a moon on my right. Oh, and a question mark just above my cunt (for those particularly naughty readers).

So you know that I’m loveable and fuckable, but now the question burning in your head and loins is, “Will she fuck me?” Well, if you get wet, then that’s a definite yes. The only cock that goes into my mouth or pussy is my beloveds.

But you didn’t start to read this so you could hear about my looks or whether or not I ride the poles. You, my dear reader, opened this up because you heard that I pissed my pants. You started this story because you wanted to know about my hot piss lapping away at my twat as I let all of my inhibitions fly away. You wanted to hear about how my oh-so-pink panties darkened as my golden nectar had its way with the cotton hugging my pussy. Well, since you insist.

I started my day just like any other day; feeling my morning’s pee soak into my sheets as I wet my bed. After rubbing my clit to a lovely orgasm, I went through my workday with an orgasmic aura round my body; mostly because I was having about an orgasm an hour! I kept myself topped up through the day, soaking my double-layered Abenas and plastic panties four times before clocking out to go home. I even wet myself while talking to my manager, fantasizing about taking her ass with my eight-inch strap-on while her piss cascaded down her legs.

Once I got back home, I set up the fucking machine that my girlfriend got me for Christmas; it’s this double-dildo setup that’s actually mounted into the wall, and it can be set on a variety of speeds (I prefer the fastest, myself), and after pissing on them to get them nice and lubed, I set it to slowly build up to the fastest setting. Slowly it fucked me, building up into a furious pounding that had my entire body shaking in a massive orgasm. I rounded out my evening by pissing all over myself, completely soaking my tits and hair. When I woke up, my lover was standing over me. “Well, well, well,” Madrian cooed, “look what we have here. . .”
You sound totally hot. Your day of self commotion has your panties dripping and ready for a nice hot shower by me.

Day Baby
Short story.
My ex gf and have been into diapers and panty pissing for ages now.
The other night we were getting ready for bed with diapers on like always but my ex gf said she needed changing before bed. She had on a pull-ups so i lied her down and ripped the sides, well as soon as i pulled the front down she started to pee again, this turned me crazy, while pissing i started to go down on her and got soaked.
Once she finished we made love with a little more peeing and went to bed in dry diapers.
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