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So this place is REALLY brand new. It will be interesting to see what it turns into. Here's hoping it's a nice place to hang out.

So here's a question. I have roommates, two of them, and it can be hard to predict when they're going to be in and out. Obviously, then, my wetting is restricted to my room. Or does it have to be? Does anyone else here have roommates, and how do you indulge your fetish without getting caught?
When I used to find it hard to get time alone, I'd just do a little wee in my panties. Like not enough that anyone could tell, but enough that I could feel the wet on my panties against me Tongue
When I was in a shared house, I used to wait until the others had gone out. It wasn't hard, as they'd often be out for work in the evenings as it was a student house.

This was wearing nappies btw, under some plastic pants; I used to enjoy some wet and occasionally messy fun if I knew they'd be out for a while, but was always prepared with babywipes and disposing of the evidence after a shower, in the bin outside asap!
Hi every one,
first I was wetting the underwear and the same Year I love to wet in the bed.I`m now 48 years young.
Last week 05July2010 I wet my black pants in my job 9 times in a week and the people can`t see if is wet or dry only the smell.I was sitting in the bus and two girls sitting in front of me they smell me peeing pants I can tell it how they are react to it.
I love to be in my pee pants or wetting the bed it`s smells so nice.
I like to put on two pairs of panties and a pad (or two) in between.. That way, i get the feeling of wet but i can run around and do things and no one knows any better.

luv ya all!!!
I work in Chevron Monday night to Friday night, we have to wear black pants and I pee two or three times at night.It is so nice I can`t wait tonight to pee againTongue.
I too love to wet little bits at a time, give my panties an hour or so, then do it again.
If I really want to let go, I wear a diaper, and usually repeat it until it leaks.
I lived with my band for two years many moons ago now. Just letting little trickles out at a time so your not soaked is fun. (and makes me feel kinda naughty). But having a diaper inside so you can just let it all out has always been my fave. When others were home I would wear a tight pair of panties over the diaper to hide the crinkly sounds. Pullups are fun too cause they don't hold as much and its kinda nice to leak a bit and awkwardly try to hide it. Kinda like a private game your always playing.
I often wear a couple pair of panties under black sweat pants and slowly wet a little at a time, feeling very naughty as I do. Its hard to see anything for a while, but as so often happens, I get carried away an soon have a very wet front, enough that I get noticed by my wife. She will ask if I had an accident and I will try to pass it off as I was too busy to realize I needed to go until it was too late. I will normally change into dry panties (2) and training panties, (very thick cotton panties) and jeans. At this point it will be very obvious when I wet, but it will not be long before I am soaked to my ankles and am told I need to go put on a diaper. " Little boys who wet their pants are really just big babies who need to be put back in diapers" my wife will say, tsk tsking me all the way to the bedroom to get diapered.
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