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Hi there,
I have a free paper for those interested in wetting and / or Messing naturally like a baby called the Natural Unpotty Training Method.

Is is yours free by email me at

I will also be happy to send you samples of my affordable hypnosis system.

More information can be found at my website:

Thanks and stay Pampered
Last update on August 12, 5:49 am by Mike A Long Beach.
Has anyone experimented with subliminal suggestion audio CD's that condition you to become incontinent? Do they exist? The post above appears to be pretty much out in the open audio, based on his sample.
I have subliminal tracks on my system but those are meant to accompany the hypnosis system and program of action that you work to get to your desired level of incontinence. Hypnosis will never make you do anything against you will.

Thanks and stay Pampered
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