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Hi there. I would like to have a strict daddy or uncle to roleplay with. I've been wanting to roleplay for a while now, but haven't had any luck finding anyone. Is anyone out there interested?

Here are some things about me:

I enjoy the gothic lolita look. I love dark clothes (though I'm not opposed to light colors or pastels), short petticoats, stockings, and Mary Janes. Diapers, too, of course.

I prefer disposable diapers, but cloth diapers with plastic or rubber pants work fine, too.

I enjoy creative punishments. Not everything has to be a spanking, and if you want to do something else, I'm open to it.

I enjoy humiliation. Being changed in front of a house guest, especially if diaper rash is involved, hacking and posting pictures on social media, random diaper checks, whatever. I like it.
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I'm game. I'm in n.y. you?
I'm quite goth also. I own a business now so I had to look closer to everyone else lol I still have the long hair. My email is please send me an email. I'd love to chat. I'm a good guy just need a naughty little girl to spoil and discipline and change if she has a poopy diaper Wink
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