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I've been working on my nursery for quite a number of years. Worked through a lot of different things, but have finally set up a couple of key items. I have a crib that is actually two Ikea twin sized daybeds combined, a high chair that was converted from a patio stool and an extra large spring rocking horsey. I'll put a couple pics up on my profile as I get them.

What have others been doing?
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Hi! Arizona . just wondering sense we are about the same age a year different do you have any kid or kids if so! do they he or she know about your fetish,and how you deal with it. I ask because I have two teens which they don't know about my fetish and wondering if one day I should tell them .Only my spouse knows about my fetish and she doesn't accept my DL .Well! thank you! Bey!! Smile
Well right now I'm getting a friend to make a custom wooden crib from scratch for me. Until then, I have the twin mattress for it and have the Awwsocute blow up crib, which isn't too bad at all as a 260lb man can get into it and not pop it! The nursery/playroom is decorated in a jungle theme and the walls are painted mint green & baby pink accenting!
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