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This is a special part of my site,
dedicated to Daddies and LG's (little girls)

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About the Daddy/LG relationship

A Daddy/LG relationship is a relationship between two adults. Age play relationships are understood a lot more these days, and people realize that it has nothing at all to do with real children.

This came more apparent to me when a mainstream adult magazine asked me to do an interview on the whole AB/DL scene. This is because for many LG's part of the role they enjoy is wetting their pants and bed and being made to wear diapers like a big baby.

LG's look to their Daddy's for love, guidance, support and security. There may be something particually scary to an LG, but while her Daddy is there beside her, she knows that everything is going to be okay.

Daddy knows, he will get all the love he could ever need from his LG. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her Daddy smile.

For some couples it is a lifestyle. They always see each other as Daddy/LG and keep to those roles in their entire relationship. To others it is more of a fun game, when the mood takes them.

The bond in the relationship is very strong. She is his LG and he is her hero!

About me

I am the owner of Wetting Wonderlandand, which I have enjoyed creating very much! My wish is for it to grow and grow and grow!

I am a LG and I live in Sydney, Australia, with my Daddy who I love very, very much!

I am a very accepting peson and realize that for me to be accepted by others for who I am, then I must do the same. No matter how different people are.

I have recently been to a few fetish parties, and even though a lot of the things happening there weren't exactly my scene, I had a great time and I cant wait for another!

I guess I'm quite a sociable person. I prefer to be with others than on my own, though sometimes it is nice to sit down on my own and watch one of those 'Oh my god!, you watch that?!?!?!' shows on TV *grins*

I am comfortable with myself and love my life. I went though a stage in my early teens of thinking I was different and strange, because of the whole nappy/wetting myself thing. That period was hard and I felt like I didn't really like any part of me.

I understand now that we are all normal, all different in our own way and life would be incredibly boring if we were all the same!

I have been involved in the AB/DL community for quite some time, and many of you know me as 'lil princess'. I have made so many great friends over the time, and have been lucky enough to have been able to meet a lot of them in person.

I love music and movies. Christmas is for sure my favorite time of the year with all the Christmas songs and Christmas cartoons.I could just snuggle up on Daddy's lap with my bunny and my bottle and watch them for hours!

'Bunny' is my white cuddley rabbit. Well he used to be white anyway. He's been cuddled and played with, with grubby hands so often that he's a little bit on the grey colored side now.

Bunny has gone in the washing machine a few times, but the last time his leg almost fell off! Luckily bunny's leg opeation went well and he's back in one piece, so bunny is never going in the washing machine ever again. He comes to bed with me every night, and I cant sleep without him. So probably the world would end if he completley fell apart!

I love the possums here in Australia, they are soooooo cute! I'd never seen one in real life before I came to live with Daddy. We have a family of them living in our roof, and their always sitting on the fence of our top deck or in the trees in the garden. I started leaving apples out for them at night and now if I forget, or they want their apple, the bravest possum sits at the patio door just looking at me, like he's saying 'hey, you forgot my apple!'

Before I moved to Australia, I lived in England and had spent six months living in Canada. That was where I met my Daddy. He flew over to Ottawa and found me in the snow! Daddy had never felt it so cold and when he went outside with damp hair, his hair froze on his head!

As soon as I met my Daddy, I knew that he was the one I wanted to share my life with forever. It had never happened to me before, but the first time we met I already felt like I had known him forever. Daddy loved the fact that I love to wear nappies so much and have accidents in my pants, and I felt happier than I had in a long time to find someone who not only accepted that, but enjoyed me doing it as much as I do.

I wear nappies most nights. Sometimes I go to bed without one, but that usually means waking up in a wet bed. I also like to wet my big girl panties while we're out. Sometimes its just a secret little wee, but other times it's a big wee. The other day I left a puddle on the floor of the supermarket. Daddy had to take me home and put a nappy on me!

I love every aspect of the Daddy/LG relationship. It makes me feel safe, secure, and accepted and also very happy that I can give all the love back to my Daddy that he gives me.

Miss Piss

Dirty Diaper Girls