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This story is fictional and contains role-play between two consenting adults. This story has nothing to do with real children.

Daddys Naughty Little Girl Part 3

The next morning Lucy woke before the sun was up, it was a little cool so she snuggled down in the bed and towards Mark. She remembered the wonderful night before. Her nappy was still dry but she would shortly change that. She slipped her thumb in her mouth, sucking gently on it and relaxed. It felt funny lying on her side trying to wet her nappy and it didn’t come easily. She gave a little push and she made a few warm spurts into her dry nappy and followed by e a slow long relaxing wee. She felt calm as the last of it slowly spread throughout her nappy. She continued sucking her thumb, felling very satisfied and a little naughty. Lucy eagerly anticipated Mark waking up and checking her nappy to find a wet little girl. Feeling good she nodded off back to sleep. When she woke again she found Mark watching her.

“ Your awake. You looked very peaceful.” Said Mark smiling,, stroking her hair.
Lucy giggled. “You were watching me?” She asked
“Yeah, I couldn’t help it. When I first woke up you were sucking you thumb, it was adorable” Said Mark
Lucy felt a little embarrassed; she laughed softly and shyly slipped her thumb in her mouth again. “ Aww there’s my little princess” Mark said.
Mark sensed she was a little uneasy. Maybe there was another reason for that though.
“I think my little girl needs a cuddle” Declared Mark. She smiled behind her thumb and Mark lent over to embrace her.
“So did my little angel have a good sleep?” Lucy looked at Mark and slowly nodded. Mark patted her on the bottom and was a little surprised to find it soggy.
“Lucky we put you in a nappy for bed time wasn’t it Lucy” Said Mark in his best Daddy voice.
“Yes Daddy, I did wee’s” Lucy declared confidently.
“Did you now?” replied Mark inquisitively. Mark was a little shocked by this, but pleased too. He slipped a finger in the leg band
“Oh my, you made big wee wee’s didn’t you Lucy” Lucy giggled, blushing with a big smile across her face. Mark could tell they were going to have a good day.
“Well we better start by getting you in a clean nappy then.” Mark said hoping out of bed and fetching the things to change her. He pulled back the blanked and made space to change her. As he untapped her she wriggled and kicked her legs around, giggling. Mark laughed too. It was fun and she looked very cute. He wiped Lucy taking the wet nappy from under her. He still wasn’t very good at changing her, but Lucy enjoyed his strong hands. She wriggled to tease him as he powdered her, making him grab her more firmly, she felt very mischievous this morning.
“Hehehe, hold still cutie.” Laughed Mark, enjoying the game and grabbing her a bit firmer. She relaxed in his firmer grip and let him finish diapering her. Ok downstairs for breakfast. Lucy got up and raced ahead of Mark, her nappy showing under her pink nightshirt.

They got downstairs and Lucy followed Mark around the kitchen as he fixed breakfast. Lucy was being cute, getting in the way and asking silly questions. Mark decided to play along in the farcical game, like a mad hatters breakfast, all the answers were known to each other but new ones were made up
“Where does chocolate milk come from Daddy?”
“Well it comes from brown cows of course!”

When they finished breakfast Lucy asked “What are we going to do today Daddy?”
“Well I thought we could go to the Park for a picnic” Replied Daddy.
“The Park, Yay!” Lucy Exclaimed
“But first we need to give you a bath.”
“Is there any other kind?”
Lucy Giggled. Otay Daddy.
They went up stairs and daddy ran the bath, nice and warm, adding the bubble bath. It smelled fruity. He helped undress Lucy till she stood nude and blushing in front of the clothed Mark.
“OK, lets sit you on the potty first.”
Daddy watched as the nude Lucy sat on the big potty. She looked coy up at daddy and then made a tiny tinkle in the potty, hardly a dribble really.
“Is that all cutie?
“Uh huh” she replied nodding.
“Ok then, into the tub cutie.” Said Mark
Lucy crept over and climbed into the bath, slowly sitting down. She giggled. She began playing with the bubbles and splashing a little. Mark took a washcloth and soaped it up and began to wash Lucy’s back.
“Is that nice sweetie?” Asked Mark
“Yes Daddy” said Lucy. She continued playing with the bubbles and splashing. Next he washed her front soaping up her breasts. Lucy giggled. “ Hehehe That tickles Daddy”
We won’t wash your hair today cutie. Lucy splashed Mark and blew bubbles at him and laughed. Mark splashed her back a little.
“Daddy, your not allowed to do that.” Said Lucy
“Why not?” Asked Mark
“Cause its naughty” Said Lucy bursting into giggles again. Mark smiled. He took the wash cloth and slid it down Lucy’s tummy and between her legs and washing her there.
“Mhhhhhmmmm, she sighed as he gently rubbed the washer over her pussy. She decided to suck her thumb and relaxed, felling quite naughty and began to pee. Mark felt the stream of pee coming from her and whispered.
“Your such a bad girl making wee’s in the bath Lucy. Whispered Mark.
Little Lucy looked up at Mark with innocent eyes and squirmed, squeezing her thighs together, trapping Marks hand as she finished peeing.
“I’s all done dada” Said Lucy softly
“Well I guess I have to wash it again, naughty little thing it is” Exclaimed Mark.
Lucy Blushed. Mark finished washing her and helped her out of the bath, wrapping her in a big fluffy bath sheet, and rubbing her down. Lucy felt good and safe. She smiled as Mark dried her off. They went to he bedroom and Lucy lay down on the bed and waited for Mark to put her nappy on. “I’m cold Daddy.” Cried Lucy as Mark came over with her nappy. Its ok cutie, we’ll get you all snug in no time. He took some lotion and rubbed it in all over. He lifted her legs sliding the nappy under her bum and put her legs down, powdering her and Taping her up all snug. Lucy sat up.
“Hold on a second, lets get some plastic pants on you.” Said Mark reaching into a bag pulling out some plastic pants with little penguins on them.
“No, they rustle.” Whined Lucy
“You need to wear them so your nappy doesn’t leak baby.” Replied Daddy
Lucy pouted and lay back down while mark powdered inside the panties and slid them up Lucys legs. Marks little girl fidgeted as he pulled them up.
“Hold still please Lucy.” Said Mark sternly
Lucy huffed upset, but did as she was told.
“OK there we go.”
He bought her luggage over and asked her to choose an outfit. She picked a funky white top with fluoro rubber ducks on it and a blue jacket, along with a skirt that came down to her knees, covering her nappy well for their trip outside. Then he helped put her top on, getting her head stuck on purpose. He laughed
“Not funny Daddy.” Said Lucy She didn’t like being made to look silly.
He helped her into her skirt and made sure it sat right, fussing over her.
“I’ll do my hair.” Mark was relieved; he would have not been good at that. Lucy sat in front of the mirror and brushed her hair, pulling it into pig tails and tying it up. She reaches into her bag and pulls out some cute red ribbons to tie around the bands.
“Aren’t you gorgeous” Exclaimed Mark
Lucy stood up and spun around for daddy. She felt very cute, and her outfit was quite playful and made her feel little.
“Will you be good while I have a shower?” Asked Mark
Lucy nodded
Mark hoped in the shower and Lucy went back to the lounge and sat down and watched TV. She was alone and feeling a little insecure in her outfit, she started sucking thumb and had a lie down on the couch waiting for Mark to get ready, nodding off for a little snooze.
When she woke, Mark was standing in front of her, dressed in Jeans and a shirt and Black Jacket, with a basket for the picnic.
“Heres my sleeping beauty” He said. Ready to go?”
“Shoesies Daddy!”
“Oh no I forgot. Go get some socks then.” Lucy got up and run upstairs. She came back with some colourful stripy socks. She sat down and clumsily put them on, and Mark came over with her shoes, untying the laces, going to put them on.
“I can do it!” Claimed Lucy putting on the shoes.
She stood up and followed Mark out to the car.

On the way to the park they played I spy and the number plate game. Lucy sat in the front and was told by Daddy not to touch anything after she was playing with the buttons too much. Soon they were at the park. The chose a spot on a small hill under a tree, well away from he few people in the park. It was quite today.
First they went to feed the ducks. Lucy and Mark enjoyed that and Lucy giggled at the ducks as the gobbled up the bread and quacked away. “Quack Quack Quack”, she said to them. Next they went on the swings, which was fun. Mark pushed her very high, and had a go himself. After that they went and sat on their rug and ate their sandwiches.
I’m going to pic flowers Daddy said Lucy, and she got up and run off to the nearby garden bed.

She looked through the garden and picked flowers for herself and Daddy. She toddled back over towards Daddy at the picnic blanket with the bunch of flowers. She stoped half way and squats for a bit, obviously tinkling in her nappy, before running giggling to Daddy.
“Aren’t you a cheeky thing, you did a wee didn’t you”
“Yes Daddy”
She walked and sat with Daddy, giving him the flowers and a hug. “Aww thankyou” said Mark
“That’s ok”.

After a while they packed up the picnic and headed back to the car.
“I think we had better change your nappy before the ride home Lucy.”
“Daddy!” Lucy exclaimed in shock
“Lie down on the back seat please Lucy”
Lucy climbed in the back and lay there waiting for Daddy, who came back from the boot with a change mat and diaper bag. Slipped the mat under her bum and took down her plastic panties. Mark untapped her soggy nappy, and lifted her legs, taking the nappy away. Taking some wipes he cleaned her bum. Lucy felt insecure as she lay half naked in the back seat of the car, legs in the air. A slight breeze felt cool against her skin.
“I have a cloth nappy for you now Lucy.”
Lucy looked up at Daddy and sucked on her thumb.
He folded it and slipped it under her bum. It was fluffy and thick. Mark powdered her and pinned her nappy closed. Then he reached in the bag and took out some Pink ruffled plastic pants. Lucy liked them very much and smiled. Mark slid them up her legs and over her nappy. Her new nappy was snug and soft around her bum, ad Daddy pulled down her dress. He helped her out and into the front seat. He lent in and did up her seat belt. As they drove off Lucy lifted her skirt up and looked at her plastic pants.
“Do you like them princess?” Asked Mark
“Yes Daddy, very much.”

When they got home, Lucy was very sleepy. “I think this girl needs a little nap.” Lucy looked at Daddy and nodded. Mark took her to the bedroom and tucked her into bed. Lucy was very sleepy and slipped her thumb into her mouth and shut her eyes straight away. As she was falling asleep she felt the need to wee, and enjoyed a moment, tinkling in her dry cloth nappy. She enjoyed how it spread through the nappy, all warm around her bum as she drifted off to sleep.

When Lucy woke from her nap, she still felt a bit sleepy. She waddled out into the lounge where Mark was. She looked cute with her messy blonde bed hair, rubbing at her eyes. His little girl looked even cuter as her cloth nappy and pink plastic panties were soggy, sagging below her skirt. She crawled up on the couch and cuddled Daddy as he patted her soggy bottom. Her tummy grumbled and she felt a familiar feeling coming on. She often fantasised about being the naughtiest little girl she could be, but in real life for Daddy she was not so confident. The two had even chatted about it online, though it made it no less daunting. She squirmed to hold of the urge. Mark guessed what was coming and smiled on the inside.
“Daddy I need to do poo’s” Lucy said in a soft nervous voice, not looking up at Mark, but snuggling close to him. Hearing herself say those words made her even more nervous.
“Aww its ok princess, you can go poo poo in your Nappy.” He replied
“But Daddy.” Lucy said softly, blushing and fidgeting.
“Shhhhh, its ok, your Daddies little toddler girl now” Said Mark rubbing Lucy’s back.
Lucy was kneeling next to daddy on the couch. She was very embarrassed. Lucy looked down, putting her thumb in her mouth. It was hard not to go with Mark rubbing her back and saying sweet things to her. She relaxed and felt her little hole opening and poo hesitantly begining to come out. She was shaking a little, and felt a blood rush to her head. She felt incredibly naughty for what she was about to do and her heart was racing.
“It’s ok Lucy, do you poo poo’s” Said Daddy trying to reassure her, rubbing her back.
Leaning forward she gave a gentle push and felt herself slowly making a big poo in the seat of her nappy, followed by long slow wee she couldn’t help but do. She felt she needed to do more and gave another little push and felt her nappy bulge as she filled it. It felt all smooshy around her bum. She relaxed and was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion, looking up at Daddy.
“Have you finished making poo poo’s Lucy?” Asked Daddy knowingly. Lucy nodded her head still sucking her thumb, blushing deep red. She was very ashamed, looking like she would almost cry.
“Awww its ok Pumkin, you’re such a good girl for making a big poo in your nappy like Daddy said too. Your only a little girl after all.” Said Mark patting her bottom. The way Mark spoke to her made her feel very little and a bit ashamed, but safe. Lucy squirmed a little in her dirty nappy. She wanted him to talk to her some more like that, she liked getting his attention. She wanted to play little more too.

She snuggled up to Daddy, and taking her thumb out of her mouth said softly.
“I did a poo in my nappy Daddy”
“I know sweetie, you have a little stinky bum, don’t you” Said Mark
Lucy blushed and giggled softly
“Yeth Daddy” She put her thumb back in her mouth and looked up at Daddy.
Mark was happy, his little girl seemed here to stay.

The End



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