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Featured Games
Abandoned 3
Abandoned 3 is a new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz. You were told to never come to this abandoned place alone. Now something is keeping you from leaving. Find items and clues to help escape the dark abandoned place. Good luck and have fun!

Save Your House
Champion: with a high score of 209217
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 370
You the sniper have to save your house from attacking UFOs! You score points and try to survive! How long you can survive?

Champion: with a high score of 115870
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 343
Fly as much, as you can. Avoid different obstacles on your way. Collect bonuses, which will help you in you ride, and minerals, which rising up your race score.

Don`t forget to to fly frought checkpoints! They considerably increases your score and race distance.

Flying asteroids can contain some minerals to collect, shoot it with your gun.

Use your gun and shield wisely, they are not endless.


Total Plays: 355
How long can you survive bubble eruption? Click the bubbles to destroy them before they fall off the screen. You can only destroy a group of at least 3 same colored bubbles.


Total Plays: 395


Total Plays: 327
Omega Empire is a retro-mmog (massively multiplayer online game) inspired by the golden age of video games. In it you play the role of a ship commander defending your team’s planets against the opposing enemy ships. Cooperation and teamwork are essential for victory. You can choose to play different types of ships each designed for a different role. The team that manages to colonize all the planets within the playing filed is considered the victor. Players earn experience points and credits throughout game play. They can exchange these for a higher rank or a better ship. HIgher ranks unlock ships and equipment available only to ranking members. The game is very easy to learn but to get the most out of it, please go to the instructions page for further details.

Elvis Wolf

Total Plays: 324
Catch all treasures within the time limit. Gold Miner type of game.

Poo Popper
Champion: with a high score of 115550
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 452
A simple matching game based on poo, click the tiles with matching colours to blow them up! Clicking on less than 3 will convert the tile into a grey tile, scoring no points.

Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 333
Use your rope to swing your way through each level. Try not to lose any limbs along the way!

Run The Gauntlet
Champion: anna with a high score of 2359
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 391
Sprint through varied and crazy death-traps as you make your way through the perilous gauntlet. Only those with the quickest wit and craftiest skill will survive!


Total Plays: 383

Miss Piss

Dirty Diaper Girls