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Featured Games
Abandoned 3
Abandoned 3 is a new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz. You were told to never come to this abandoned place alone. Now something is keeping you from leaving. Find items and clues to help escape the dark abandoned place. Good luck and have fun!

Sheep Cannon

Total Plays: 386
Sheep shearing boring? Try the Sheep Cannon! Sheep Cannon is very simple to play. Just aim the cannon using your mouse and fire! The left bar on the screen indicates the power of your shot. How far can you go? Try to beat all achievements and buy the upgrades!

Flowers For Jolly
Champion: c95svt50 with a high score of 96999
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 464
Help Jolly and Pad gather some flowers for their birthday party.

Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 354

Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 412
Dans la taupe qui pète incarne une taupe qui à force de manger du chocolat se retrouve à faire plein de gaz limite atomique, mais en tout cas de bon gaz bien chimique. Parcours les niveaux et essaye de rempoter les médailles qui te seront distribuées:
Médaille de bronze si tu fini le jeu en perdant moins de trois vies
Médaille d'argent si tu finis chaque niveau du jeu en moins de 20 secondes
Médaille d'or si tu finis chaque niveau en moins de 20 secondes et sans perdre une seule vie..

Bonne chance


Total Plays: 449
最近蜜蜂总是来农场捣乱,可爱的小奶牛为了保卫自己的家园农场,用弓箭射死前来的蜜蜂。看来小奶牛对弓箭还是挺在行的 哦!

jidou bubbles

Total Plays: 375
HelpJIDOUin the jungle, go ahead!


Total Plays: 474
You landed on a hostile planet on your mission to save earth.

Fullmetal Alchemist Flame Out 2

Total Plays: 334
No one likes to be controlled and be locked in the jail. One day Lennon has bewitched by a monster king, he locked Lennon in a flame, he is trying his best to escape out of the flame, but there are so many wild animals and monsters trying to attack him, can you help him by controling your keypad? Use your left mouse button to shoot the fire to those wild rude monsters, he really needs your help, please, otherwise Lennon will die. Best of luck!

Mad Gallop

Total Plays: 351
Take Menewsha’s own too-hawt-for-television celebrity Afrodonkey on a mad gallop over desert and jungle terrain in another home-brewed Menewsha original game. Use the up arrow to jump and the right arrow to dash through obstacles like pantyfox and creeperbear. Collect stolen panties and cheesecake for bonus points. Can you score enough points to unlock the game’s secret character before your three plays are over?

Frog Adventure
Champion: Yoyo with a high score of 120
Your Score: None
Average Rating: 5.00
Total Plays: 588
Stay Away from Red Bugs
Eat only Black Bugs
Make a High Score

Miss Piss

Dirty Diaper Girls