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Featured Games
Abandoned 3
Abandoned 3 is a new point and click adventure game from Melting-Mindz. You were told to never come to this abandoned place alone. Now something is keeping you from leaving. Find items and clues to help escape the dark abandoned place. Good luck and have fun!


Total Plays: 374
A small casual game of brick.
Use your mouse or keyboard to control.
Try to get higher score.

Flowers For Jolly
Champion: c95svt50 with a high score of 96999
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 481
Help Jolly and Pad gather some flowers for their birthday party.

TAOFEWA - Peonys Crazy Potions
Highscore: None
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 426
Try a unique potion brewing game with the female Ninja character Peony from TAOFEWA. Create your own unique potions by mixing different ingredients, and enjoy the show as the Chibi version of Peony from TAOFEWA try the potions you create.

Pumpkins Shooting Witch

Total Plays: 432
Pumpkins Shooting Witch game

Animal Filled1.1

Average Rating: 5.00
Total Plays: 716
this is a good game you will like it


Total Plays: 435
Try to fish as many good fish as you can in the least time possible.

invaders attack

Total Plays: 362
Invaders attack a good old arcades game,a mixed of galaxian and space invaders(note the game is in french)but very easy to understand the main goal is protect your base, move the spaceship with arrows key and fire with spacebar,each 5000pts you receive a bonus spaceship,to restart the game press f2, please feel free to contact me for any question comments

Azgard TD
Champion: colne baby with a high score of 98303
Your Score: None
Total Plays: 428
Choose wizely amongst the fifteen tower types, upgrade them, combine them, find the most effective placement combination, and earn as much as you can. Azgard Defence is a awesome Tower Defence games, combining addictive gameplay with unique features.


Total Plays: 420


Total Plays: 396
The Monkey King of legend return ! (very good graphic style )

Miss Piss

Dirty Diaper Girls