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Lives in England, United Kingdom · Born on July 7, 1995
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July 7, 1995
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July 7, 2018
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About Me
Hullo! ^_^ I’m ~*Jelly*~ though really I have a lot of names, but we’ll get to that in a bit, so lets get the boring side of me done and over with ^.~
I’m an 20 year old cisgirl in North England. I came here to find friends and hopefully my certain special someone/somepersons. I’m mainly looking for a Daddy/Caregiver, though I am open to exploring other things too. How about I tell you a little about myself? Well..
I love to make friends and talk to new people, ‘specially kinky ones!! I adore all things cute and cuddly, my plushie collection is getting a touch out of hand ^^’ I’m a very textile person, so anything that I like the feel of, I usually have a hard time keeping my hands away from. I have a super soft spot for carebears or my little pony, and I’m very interested in Kawaii fashions such as Fairy Kei, Decora and Lolita.
I’m also in several fandoms, the biggest of which being Harry Potter, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Lord of the Rings, Studio Ghibli, and Marvel: Avengers. I like all kinds of movies/tv shows from kiddie cartoons to disaster movies to rom-coms to thrillers, basically everything except horror. I love to sing too, but I warn you to invest in some ear plugs because I’m super bad at it. My favourite types of music are country, pop, rock and power ballads.
I love love love going to the beach, or anywhere with water that I can go in, outside or inside. I like to wander around new/old places and look for fairies in the woods. I’m a complete magic/fantasy nut, I like to live with my head in the clouds!. I’m not a particularly motivated person, I’m lazy and loungey, I’m very sure I was meant to be a cat actually :3
I don’t smoke or take drugs (unless prescribed) though I do like a drink occationally. I’m not a very social person, but I can be :3 I’m pretty introverted and prefer small intimate things to large gatherings, I also have social anxiety. After a while of being around people I need some me time to recharge my batteries to do it again. While we are on the subject I have depression and a phobia of spiders. Both of which I’ve had therapy for and am doing really well at keeping in check! ^_^
Alrighty! Now for the funner part Wink My ‘kinky’ sides!! When I say kinky, keep in mind that this does NOT also mean sexual. I’m neither sexual or really asexual but something in between. I’m using demi-sexual/gray-asexual for the time being while I work it out. I experience pretty much every attraction except sexual attraction, though I’m perfectly capable of sexual arousal/being horny. I just feel no urge to have sex, or sexual contact with other people, I’d like to explore it more in the future, I do know that gender is irrelevant to me romantically or sexually, this does not mean that I like everyone, or pans -_-
I’m a Little/Little Girl (LG). I find being referred to as, or called ‘baby’ in any way really irritates me, so please don’t, unless I’ve given you permission. I have found that being a Little is very much a part of who I am, part of my personality, though it is not all I am. I find it makes me a much better, much happier person.
As a Little, I have no exact age, I’m just anywhere from 2-20 at any given time. A lot of this depends on my mood, the situations, the people ect. I love to use kiddie cups an’ my paci while I colour in with my crayons and watch cartoons! I have a blankie and a Rabbit, both are more or less always with me whenever it’s possible. They aren’t just little items for me, they as also very closely linked with my anxiety. I’m a natural thumb sucker too, and have been my entire life.
I have 2 Headspaces, who are;
~*Fishie*~ (Little/AB/Brat) Completely Non-Sexual
Fishie is my littlespace. She’s around 3 or 4 but can go as young as 2. She’s a very sweet bouncy little girl with a smile and a giggle that loves nothing more than jumping in puddles, dungarees and anything brightly colored preferably with rainbows!! Her favourite colours are Purple, blue, yellow and pink Smile She likes cuddles and carebears and colouring in with her crayons. If she can do something to get herself very messy, like painting or baking, it makes her day! It’s a very rare day indeed to find her without a paci, Blankie, or Rabbit. She has a very mischievous side to her, though she’s very shy, and loves to tease her brother and sisters <3
~*Jellycat*~ (Pet/brat/little/Kitten) Sometimes Sexual
Jellycat is my petspace (Not furry), she loves to cuddle and be petted or stroked. She’s very sassy, as well as playful and lazy. She’s a glossy, fluffy unikitty with pretty ribbon collar and cuffs. She also has a big bow on her tail. She’s very curious and loves to explore, but you better keep all your soft/shiny things hidden or you’ll find them lurking in her bed! I find while I make noises in this space, I prefer not to use actual words or sentences. I scratch and bite too so watch out, this kittens got claws!
I’m not just a Little, I do enjoy turning the tables occationally. I’m a Caregiver/Babysittter/Sister/Domme to those I love and my ‘kink’ family too ^_^
I’m also spanko, my very first kink/fetish. I though it deserved it’s own paragraph ^_^ I have thought about, wanted, needed, and craved a spanking my entire life. It’s as simple as breathing. I can’t remember a day were I didn’t think about it at least once, giving or receiving. Seriously, I can’t. Spanking makes such perfect sense to me, always has done. The youngest I can remember my fascination with it was around 7 but I’m pretty sure it’s just always been there. Whether it’s for punishment, discipline or pleasure, they all have their place in my heart and I can’t wait for them to have a place in my life <3
One day I hope to have a big house to live in with lots of different play rooms for me, my Daddy, our Pet bunny and our Sissy/Sub to share with a garden and a play area and a pool ^_^ With little summer houses around us for my little family to come and stay! Obviously I know this is a fantasy but a girl can dream Wink <3 I also know dreams can change!! :D
I suppose that’s it for now ^_^ Thanks for sticking with it this far if you have, I talk a lot XD
Anywho, byebye!! ~Jelly<3
I am neither a submissive or a dominant person, but naturally both depending on situation and mood. I like both the idea of submitting as well as dominating though I am not really inclined to traditional submission, so if you talk to me excepting a sweet little good girl to walk all over, you’ll be sadly mistaken. I am a person, respect me, I’ll respect you. That’s how this works.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Anyone, Everyone!! Nice, genuine, honest, polite, lovely people who can stay my friends for year and years. Please don't be shy!! I love to chat and help and talk and I love nothing better than knowing I have helped put a smile on your face :3 *blush* So friend me and chat with me and send me messages! :D
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